Express Training

One On One

Learning tends to be very efficient when done on a one on one basis. We have trained individuals who not only have a vast amount of knowledge, but also enjoy teaching and educating others of all technical backgrounds.

Group Lessons

Classes in sizes ranging anywhere from two to ten are available. Group lesson features include either structured based learning or curricula customized for specific demands. We promise you and your group an enjoyable experience.

Customize your curriculum for your needs

When it comes down to learning new technology in the office, we know that the learning curve can be tough and challenging. As a result, we provide customized lessons and curriculum for groups, organizations and individuals. We suggest customized classes for individuals who have:

  • New technology in their surroundings
  • Difficulties learning new technology
  • Prefer extra, pressure-free learning support


Structure Based Learning
We offer structured based individual and group classes for individuals who have an easier time grasping technology. Our lessons are intensive and cover topics in which we believe are crucial in today’s world of technology. Different topics we instruct include:

  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 and 7
  • Microsoft Office; Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook
  • Antivirus software, internet browsers and media players


Express Design

Business Cards

We offer a variety of different concepts and styles to accommodate to a vast number of different industries. All concepts are properly designed with options for raised ink, engraved designs and more. We also provide rapid printing services.

Logo & Branding

We’re aware that our work will be very impressionable on your business. We want to make sure you’re satisfied with your business branding. Multiple sample concept redesigns are provided with our logo and branding services.

Print Designs

Elegance in your design should not be the only priority in logos and business cards. We also design posters, brochures, ads, pamphlets and more. Quality printing is available with many customizable print options.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We ensure that clients are happy and satisfied with their designs regardless if we got the concept right on the first or even fifth attempt. We allow our clients to have multiple attempts in edits, redesigns and touch ups for our designs including logos, business cards and posters. Our promise for customer satisfaction includes:

  • Free consultations prior to starting concept designs
  • Multiple revisions, copyright consultations and guaranteed original designs


Express Print & Delivery Available

We also provide professional printing services for our clients. Since our printing is done both locally and overseas, shipping is provided free of charge however the option to have express print and shipping is also available. Our different printing options include:

  • Different printing options are also available which include raised ink, perforating, die cutting, embossing and engravings with spot UV or foil
  • Large collection of different materials and sizes to choose from


Express Build


Computer needs specialized towards productivity, networking, reliability and performance while providing aesthetics that compliment your office environment. All our corporate builds are fully customizable to your office needs.


Our personal computers come in a variety of different affordable options in both aesthetic and technical varieties. We will ensure your computer is customized specifically to your personal computing needs.


Be able to play the latest games with excellent performance while you enjoy in ultra settings. Have the option to either have us build a custom computer or choose from our selection of customized ready-2-play gaming computers.

1 Month Tech Support and 1 Year Parts Warranty

All of our builds come with one month of tech support for issues in the fields of installations, tune up, maintenance and troubleshooting. All parts assembled in our computers also come with a minimum of one year support from the manufacturer in which we take care of for our clients. Benefits to why our support and warranty beats our competitors include:

  • Warranty and support is free of charge and always will be
  • We take care of all matters that involve dealing with external parties


No Compromise Necessary

Build the computer you’ve always wanted regardless of what your demands are. From word processing to AutoCAD or even high level gaming, we have you covered and ready to go. We’re a strong believer of building your own computer for the following reasons:

  • We use high quality parts compared to many current PC manufactures
  • Pay for the actual cost of your computer rather than paying for the brand
  • Avoid underspending or overspending due to minimal product knowledge


Express Net

Express Home

Home network setup and maintenance made easy without the hassle. Have us setup your home network, install and manage printers on your network, configure network security settings and setup network or cloud backup solutions

Express Office

Have your network set up specifically to your office’s needs. Some of our services include; computer and server setups, customized wireless solutions, data and recovery management, printer and central data storage management.

Express Remote

We provide network maintenance and troubleshooting remotely from our office. Remote services include; configuring network settings, general troubleshooting and maintenance on network printers and server equipment.

Onsite and Offsite Maintenance

Onsite maintenance allow us to repair your network on demand in the case of an emergency. For situations that are of less priority, offsite after hours maintenace is also provided. The benefits of offsite maintenance compared to onsite include:

  • No need for us to physically be at your office to do maintenance or repairs
  • Work is done after hours to reduce downtime and increase productivity
  • Little to no extra work is required on the client’s end


Innovative Technologies

We use both latest yet affordable solutions when assessing your business’ needs. By choosing to use the best and latest technologies, we eliminate downtime and increase efficiency for your business. Some common facts are:

  • Using the latest network operating systems and components will ensure full compatibility for almost any system required for any type of business
  • Components made from hardware vendors such as Intel, Cisco and D-Link provide nothing but maximum uptime and efficiency


Express Web

Web Design

Our websites are designed with the latest programming languages to ensure viewing is optimal from desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones with security features to keep both your database and content safe from intruders.


Consultation services are available for clients who need an extra hand deciding on services in which we offer for web design and online marketing. Consultations are free of charge for clients who purchase one of our Express Web packages.

App Design

We provide app development services for clients who are looking to expand their brand to a mobile market. We also offer non-disclosure agreements for clients with app ideas that require maximum confidentiality.

Search Engine Marketing

With Search Engine Marketing (SEM), the possibilities are endless since your exposure depends on your budget. Appear on the top of search pages and affiliate websites with the help of partners such Google Adwords and Bing.

Search Engine Optimization

Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows you to expose your brand to every internet user that uses search engines like Google and Bing. Specifying your website to certain keywords allows your link to show up on first page results.

Social Media Marketing

Almost every internet user is active on social media websites therefore advertising on a social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter will without a doubt increase your brands exposure to an audience in which you directly target.

Consultation Services Available

Prior to starting a project, we highly suggest that all our clients have a one hour consultation to ensure that their project is suited for their needs. We provide proper suggestions to what we believe your needs are in the fields of web design, app design and online marketing. Some benefits include:

  • Free consultations available under certain conditions
  • Consultations are free for past clients or $40 for a full hour
  • Ensure your project is feasible and within budget before initiating


Confidentiality Guaranteed

We always offer our clients the right to enter into a non-disclosure agreement regardless of how big or small the project is. There is no charge associated with the agreement and can be done for any of our services. Reasons to consider signing an NDA include:

  • Revisions of terms and agreements are also available for special cases
  • Keep your potential patent safe while we work on achieving it
  • Engaging in an NDA is offered free of charge for all clients


Express Service

Express Removals

Never have to worry about annoying popups, slow speeds, internet issues or even identity and credit theft. Viruses such as malware, spyware, adware, worms and trojans are all examples of removals we take care of for our clients.

Express Check

Our premium diagnostic service scans and detects our clients’ computers for both virus, software and hardware issues. Our diagnostic service is free of charge and refundable when either Express Removals or Express Restore is purchased.

Express Restore

Express Restore allows you to have that fresh out of the box experience with your computer once again. Enjoy your fresh reloaded version of Mac or Windows without worrying about viruses or junk from the past. Backup options are also available.

Express Backup

Have us backup your files including your emails, pictures, documents, music, videos, favourites and even desktop. For risky situations, virus scan options are also available in case viruses or other threats may be present in the backup process.

Express Recovery

Recovery your files regardless if you accidentally deleted them, formatted or even broke your hard drive. We offer multiple levels of data recovery tiers and a free diagnostic is provided beforehand to ensure you are paying for what you need.

Express Install

Have us set up any programs and software either on site or remotely while you sit and watch. We also install hardware quickly while ensuring the job is done right. Never have to worry about accidentally damaging your unit again.

Pickup and delivery offered within Kamloops

Pickup and delivery is available free of charge for clients located in Kamloops, North Shore, Valleyview and Westside, Clients much further then Kamloops such as Merritt, Cache Creek, Salmon Arm and Revelstoke will have an extra charge on services if pickup and delivery is required. The benefits of having us pickup and deliver your broken units include:

  • Negotiable and mutual pickup and delivery arrangements
  • Free of charge for clients within the Kamloops area


Free Diagnostics

Clients are fully refunded their diagnostic charge if either Express Removals or Express Restore is purchased afterwards upon diagnostics completion. Diagnostics is also performed and included in both Express Removals and Express Restore. Benefits of diagnostics are listed below:

  • Determine whether your issues are related to viruses, software or hardware
  • Save time and money by choosing the right service required for your issue
  • Useful for clients who want to perform repair themselves but can’t determine the root cause of the issue